Love Letter to Newborn Miranda




Dear Miranda,

I have decided to sit down and write this message to you, Miranda, because I wanted, for one thing, to be the first one to write you a letter. Don't ask me why.

We often do things because something inside our intellect or our will forces us to do them. It just seems right at the time. So the idea came and I am following an urge.

First of all, I must apologize for not being close by when you came into the world and bawled it out for having disturbed your peaceful, protected existence. Your grandmother and I wanted very badly to be there to "oh" and "ah" at how lovely you are, but circumstances and distance and other matters get into the way of important events like your coming into the world. Your family just lives too far away and we couldn't make it.

We certainly felt badly about that and are dismayed, too, that we haven't even been able to come and see you yet. We both want to cuddle you a bit and your grandma has already told me she's dying to bury her nose in your neck and get some of what she calls "that sweet baby smell" she's always been crazy about. Guess that's part of why she had eight little children of her own.

Anyway, I wanted to say hello and tell you we love you and miss you and how, although I can't honestly say my arms ache to hold you, 'cause that would be an exaggeration, but they do feel kind of empty sometimes. And Miranda, we will come along one of these days to pay you a visit and have some long talks and walks and go sight-seeing with your mom and dad. And you can go along, too, okay?

I wanted to tell you that we have seen your pictures. Your dad and mom were nice enough to send some along. Boy, you sure are pretty! And you certainly have a lot of hair! Don't think I ever saw such a beautiful little baby with so much dark topping before. And I've seen some very beautiful babies in my time. I'm a really experienced grandfather when it comes to babies, you see.

You know, Miranda, a lot of babies are born into this world who don't have much in the way of affection to greet them, and some little children don't ever get the love they deserve. You are one very fortunate little girl, because you have more than enough love for triplets.

In fact, your dad and mom love you so much it's practically all they can talk about. And that was true even before you showed up!

I'm sure that by this time you are, if not aware exactly, at least greatly comforted by that warming love all around you. It's the most important gift a newly-born little girl can have. Interesting that besides all the affection and care that your mom and dad are giving you, they still have lots more left for each other.

It's something that God doesn't give all mothers and fathers. Outside of faith, there probably isn't another gift in all this world half so important as people loving each other.

You'll find eventually, Miranda, that once in awhile, despite the best efforts of your folks and the shielding and protection they give you, you will get a jolt from life. Occasionally it will be a pretty good-sized knock, to the extent that you'll wonder if you want to get up and take another one.

Maybe someone you love and trust will turn out to betray and damage you, or perhaps you'll be sick for a time or hurt somewhere down deep. But you'll be surprised how many more laughs there can be than tears. And if you keep smiling, a lot more people will smile back and life somehow will be cheerier and the love you want to see in others will flow much easier.

Hopefully most of your days will be merry but don't hesitate to invite Jesus in through prayer when the going gets tough. He has promised He will help everyone who asks for His healing touch, and I really believe that. It says so in the Bible.

When the glory of reading comes into your life, take some time daily to acquire the wisdom and direction of God reflected in the Bible, asking the Holy Spirit to inspire you. You'll find that before you know it, you'll look forward to those moments. There is guidance in the scriptures for every situation, if you just seek it.

Now Miranda, I don't want to be thinking that I regard myself as some kind of guru or extra-spiritual. Far from it, just about like everybody else I have my slips and falls. But I also have a habit, when I wander off the track, of asking for help and forgiveness. And I try to keep bouncing back. Sometimes I get so mad at myself when I fail. Or I have to fight pride or the undesirable influences with which society and secular circles snare us. Most of the time it's a struggle, but never give up for as scripture says if God is with us who can be against us. Love, pray, petition, try. Like that.

And one more lesson: make full use of your gifts, give it everything you have, right to the end. Come to think of it, you must be just chockfull of all kinds of talent; how could you help but be with such a beautiful mother and handsome father. Beyond that, I'm positive your mom's intelligence and artistic abilities, like singing. As for your dad, he has smarts, drive and ambition, along with such a mechanical knack I'm certain he could have been an engineer. So I'm certain that some of those gifts will combine in you, Miranda.

A reminder: you have a little cousin by the name of Katherine, who if she has not broken the mold, has cracked it badly! So you will have some competition. I'm not concerned though. You see, as part of the grand design, each person's a little bit of a miracle in his or her own right. I like to think we are each our own snowflake, in the billions and all so different.

Before closing, I inform you that all us Weavers in northern Virginia are greatly intrigued by your arrival on planet earth and love you very much. They include your uncles Mike, Dave and Tim and aunts Jody, Bonnie, Tina and Squeak. And Aunt Cherie and Uncle Kevin in New Jersey do, too. They're going to have a little baby like you in a few weeks, you know, and are getting a nursery ready.

When you were a little hidden package, I guessed that you were going to be a girl, Miranda. And I have predicted that your new little cousin in New Jersey will be a boy. Wonder if I'll be right?

Well, not-so-little mite, it's time to close. Guess you know how we feel about you by this time. When we do get down there, we'll try to make up for our absence with some ice cream or do-dads of some kind. After all, that's what grandparents are for.

And know what? By the time you are reading this, or perhaps your mom and dad will be to you, they will have told you about boys being made of things like snails and puppy dog tails. I don't know about that part of it, but I do believe the little girl part is true. You know, "sugar and spice and everything nice."
You've proven it, Miranda!

Bushels of love,

Grandpa Bucky