Buck's Photos




Baby Sitters

Back Yarders

Bangla Boat Play

Begum Bon

Bon, Cher and Deborah

Boys at Cox's Bazaar

Boys During Dhaka Floods

Buck in Rawalpindi Pakistan

Cool Guys

Departing Dhaka

Dhaka Golf Club

Dhaka Home from Backyard

Gathering at a Tank

Girls at Dhaka Zoo

Good Buddies

Hot Dhaka Couple

Jellyfish Cox's Bazaar

Kim's Gun Lahore

Lady on River

Lahore Badshahi Mosque

Lovely Bon

Lahore Mosque Domes

Mike Teaches Debby

Mother and Son

Our Road No. One Dhaka

Pakistan Air Flight

Riverboat Reading in Bangla

Road Number One Swim

Smiling Lady

Sylhet Ladies Bales

Tim and Friend Gussy

Tim as Tyke

Trio in Barisal Cruise

Typical Bangla Scene

What Eyes Tim Has

Where Buck Lost 25 Pounds