A Boy

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Jeffrey, you're seven,
Old enough to know better!
Why did you:
Put the cat in the milk box;
Take the robin out of its nest;
Pinch your sister's arm;
Kick your brother; David;
Scream like that;
Hit the baby;
Get mud on the rug;
Break that window;
Go out in the snow without a coat;
Bring that snake in the house;
Take the axe from the toolshed;
Put salt in your mother's water glass;
Write a love note to your teacher;
Hit your brother with a bat;
Punch your sister in the stomach;
Cheat on your reading test;
Jump on the couch;
Start that fire;
Climb up on the roof;
Get in the bathtub fully dressed;
Giggle in church;
Have to stay after school;
Ask the neighbors for cookies;
Jump on my back when I wasn't looking;
Throw water on the walls;
Pound so loudly on the piano;
Laugh when I was scolding you;
Give me that unsolicited hug and kiss,
With that silly, sheepish, toothless grin?
Jeffrey, you're what life is all about.