Destination You

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Moving-along time is hard on my mind;
I'm looking to any welcome winding
Road that leads to you and blends
Us into what we had before we spent
Our faltering love seemed to end.

I'm pleading with you to lend
Me your time and space again
'Cause I need to see your hair
Blowing in the wind and fresh air
And breathing it with you.

I regret our choice to drift away
And we both had a price to pay;
I'm sorry for my part and admit
I'm smothered in the blues,
And not good at getting over it
But I think we've paid our dues.

I want it like it used to be
With your hand in mine and side by side
We faced each day with heads up high.
It's time to bridge the gulf and bind
The cuts of bitter words and pain,
And dry the tears of emptiness
With the breakaway theme
Centered in my latest dream:
To fold your charms back into my arms
By renewing those past episodes
When we broke through the prison door
Of empty lives on freedom's road.

I'm lost without your smiling face
And close embrace;
Your voice in my morning,
Your laughter in my night;
Your sunshine shrugging off
The shadows in my life.
With arms around each other
We can celebrate once more
At cabarets and dance floors;
We'll hike hills and camp on a sandbar
And count the stars and whirl
In silvery light of moonbeams ,
You with me and me with my girl;
We'll splash through foam,
Cast cares aside, barefoot and alone
And blow flame again on smoldering fires
Of love that haven't shone
And can't when you're alone.

The lines have been humming;
You know I'm coming
Back to my senses
And your sweet presence.
Don't delay; what do you say
I meet you half-way?
We could even make it come true today.