Jessie's Moment

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Lucy was on the piano,
Kittie on the harp,
Jessica a backup flute
But Jessie stole our hearts.

She breathed a sonata by Poulenc;
A concerto by Mozart,And Franz Doppler tones, to be frank,
Which made us revel in her art.

Her blonde locks cascaded softly bright,
Vivid among the ebony of gowns
And the piano's dark garb in the light
Of a stage wafting classical sounds.

The enraptured audience stilled
To sweet notes and swift fingering:
Ten slender white birds bobbed and filled
A silver branch, sobbing voices lingering.

Blue eyes of the slight figure,
Raced across the scales on pages,
Sifting through scores that endure
Of composers from past ages.

Now comes the tribute: a hushed pause
Preludes her departure behind fabric walls;
The quiet is shattered by loud applause
For returns and bows in curtain calls.

The crowd surges to the stage
To honor the musical maid
With accolades and bright bouquets
Marking a recital of ultimate grade.