Marin Covenant

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The tall, young man wandered west,
with his guitar;
To the Pacific, another word for peace.
One day, near a bridge called golden,
something exploded in his heart and mind,
Through the dawn of a mysterious
A transition and revolution of the
spirit, through the Spirit.
A covenant was established between
the Potter and the clay.
Performances of worldly love songs
turned lusterless and ashes.
Revelation born of grace stirred
musings from the secret places;
Meditations over ancient, sacred words
and an overwhelming love.
Whispers of joy and truth magnified
to lyrics of exclaimed praise;
Inspired language sung to chords
pressed out by supple fingers;
Music for the King, uniting
many in the sought shadows to the Lord.
Now another voice joins the symphony;
fresh harmonies are fused and blended,
According to the higher mind
of the Creator of all beginnings.
The Alpha and the Omega decrees
and a new covenant is joined;
A young man and woman pledge,
take the cup, unite,
In an offering transcending selves;
the halves of a single, holy sacrifice.