Mayhem in Millions

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Darkness envelops streets of cities
Where savage tools persist
To penetrate red-ink wombs and fair
Small bodies in warm resting places.

Complicit politicians prattle on,
Vowing a "Contract with America," empty
Words for the unborn rent and rendered,
Often denied even a grave or tomb.

The death arsenal deftly obliterates
The helpless innocents, clearing room
For more hapless souls, while stifling
Tiny voices and piling more broken bodies.

The black-shrouded rulers of the highest
Court endorse the daily sacrifices
Under the guise of a "woman's right"
To choose doom in her womb.

What of "viability" and founding documents;
"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"?
What life, what liberty, what happiness
For the sundered millions?

In the halls of power to truth
Some actors on our governmental stages
Frame fetuses as "merely tissue"
And quickly switch to another issue.