Oh For Your Eyes, Miranda

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What wonders your eyes will photograph;
Your inner child welcome with delight,
Or cringe in awe and sudden fright,
At this planet's power, work and wrath.

The swift fierceness of a summer storm;
Clouds and the sea, in passionate form.
The dusky warriors of the sky will joust,
Exchanging fire and deafening bursts,
As they sprint from a distant line
With a blackening, scudding, ominous sign;
Proscribing sunlight and breeding fear.
The frenzied sea will boil and rear,
Battering at the flattened reaches
Of sea oats and desolate beaches;
Curtains of rain will beat sand and senses,
Until the bully wind dispenses;
And the belligerent front turns
Toward other sites and fresh concerns.

Costumed in blue and other hues,
Another actor bears hope renewed:
Outlined like a scimitar,
It enters center stage afar;
A luminous half-wheel without a spoke
Decorated with a Joseph's cloak.

The cast in space both near and far
Includes performances by our nearest star,
Tracing a spectrum on rouged hills to buff
Throbbing colors on dawn's cloud puffs.
And part of your life ticket without a fee
Will be the cluster of a galaxy;
A filmy patch and the sparkling high
Of a riveting, pulsating winter sky;
The silver touch of soft moonlight
Rimming the trees on a cloud-free night;
Paving a liquid, flat lightway;
Targeting your heart across the sea.

A rose, and flora family, will cast
Scarlet fragrance to hold you fast;
Wild sprays will dance purple and yellow,
From buds cradled in a mountain hollow.
A summer breeze will whisper you asleep,
Rippling across head-tossing fields of wheat,
Slipping through firs and pines in the rain,
Humming a melody through needles and grain.

You'll be arrested by the spell,
Of zebras in a zoo or deer in a knell;
Thrill to guiding a plane or a car;
A seawatch canvas of salty spray and spar.
The virginal marbling of Athens and Rome;
The voice of a singer or cadence of a poem
Will raise a prickle on your skin,
And you'll listen or dream of it again and again.

You may chose to brave snowy peaks
Where skiing and sledding blush your cheeks;
A dancing fire's ease and a glass of wine
Will enthrall your body and your mind;
Quiet conversation with a close friend;
A book, well-written to the end;
A boy's kiss and a lover's charms;
A child limp and trusting in your arms.