Searching for You

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I look for you in the swirling mist;
On the mountain path, amid wild flowers,
Where we paused for a fleeting kiss
And laughed in those sunlit hours.

I traced your cheek with shaking fingers,
Brushing your hair back from your eyes.
The memories of your smile still lingers;
Your warm lips offering me their prize.

Where did it go, our golden dream?
Promises whispered in lifetime trade,
When the gift of lovers was supreme
And the joy of our passion could not fade.

I search for you in the marketplace;
The coffee house and galleries stress the ache.
My view rewardlessly seeks your face,
At the bookstore, theatre and the lake.

The rainswept houses look empty and gray.
The leaves are sodden and I'm so down.
You were my love, my life and my day;
It's finished between the queen and the clown.