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Gracing the lazy languid surface
Of the Jordan River with holy purpose
The Spirit spread pure wings above.
Depicted in the Word as a peaceful dove,
He marked the Lamb of God's baptism;
Then led Christ to the dusty prison
Of forty days of desert land
With no water or food at hand;
Only fasting and temptation.
Long before, at the dawn of Creation,
The Spirit hovered over lonely seas
Prior to mountains, grass or trees,
And well before mankind had come;
All works from the hand of the Almighty One.

In other forms, the Spirit has kept
The faithful in mind; He swept
Into Jerusalem's upper room,
Empowering them and banishing gloom.
Slipping through walls as a mighty wind,
He paused in holy flight to spin
Forth flames over each blessed head,
Enlightening the elect, dispelling dread
Of Jewish leaders and the fist of Rome,
Lighting paths to their eternal home;
Bolstering faith and making them brave
To witness boldly in their mission to save.

The Spirit, defying walls, still enters
As Jesus Christ's advocate-mentor
With a resounding message: "Come;
"Come to the Savior, the Holy One."
He powerfully lifts and abides,
Walking in parallel while dwelling inside,
Dispensing gifts for elderly and youth
He glorifies Jesus as Spirit and Truth.

Baptizing forever and giving commands;
He folds His wings and falls on man;
With this infusion, He intercedes
In time of need and sets precious seeds:
Supernatural presents that bear such fruit
As joy, love and peace and God pursuit.

Sojourners favored as God's personal choice
Answer "Yes!" when they hear the voice
Of the Spirit Who plants awe of the Lord
And wisdom as part of His spiritual hoard;
Awaiting that day across the Jordan afar
To worship the "Bright and Morning Star."