The Stork Flies in Virginia

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Asian-American Jackson Park
Emerged, eyes closed, from the dark
Comfort of his mother's womb;
Skilled "birthers" manned the natal room,
Enabling his entry mercifully quick;
His cheeks were blushed roses, hair thick
And black. Brilliant sunshine
Shed mid-day gold, sublime
In lighting his delicate frame;
We were delighted at the music of his name.

"Too pretty to be a boy,"
Commented a nurse, which annoyed
A male relative who preferred
More fitting masculine words;
Feminine admirers concurred with her:
Joyful and radiant each in turn
Gently cuddled the first son of Tim
And Jung Ah, all safely within
The protective love of the family tent,
Expanded to cover another advent.

A window at the high birth suite
Opened on another visual treat:
The far curtain a valley with blue frills
Of mountain peaks and slopes of hills
Edging the heart of Warrenton town,
Proud in its Confederate renown;
For Colonel Mosby, rebel commander
And historic homes affording grandeur,
Extending a gracious welcome
To the latest Virginian-American son,