Sweet Talking Woman

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Through the fleet years that span
Our calendar, your flowing feminine hand
Has finely traced love notes, sprinkling
Graceful fountains of golden ink
To brighten dark pages spelling
Days of loss or illness; sweetly quelling,
Invariably easing, pain for those
You chose to receive your word-roses.

That merry voice, when you're away,
Those timbred lilting tones, convey
Long-distance affection on the phone,
At times when I'm longing and alone,
Prone to a bored and wistful mood,
Without you. But how could I brood
When I hear a rainbow greeting, "Hey,
What's new, what's with you today?"
Though we're far apart, my smiles
Few, your music melts the miles
And my heart; I realize again my lady fair
Is always there and always cares.

During intimate moments, under
Your spell, your breath is like thunder,
Yet soft as a breeze; I rejoice
In your insistent plea without voice;
And you echo mine along our shorelines,
Where gentle caresses lap and find
A beachhead and press and build
Into greater insistence, and mill
Into ripples of sheer rhapsody,
Sounding a symphony, for you and me.