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In my reverie
I neglect the sea for a point of land, and with a glance
transformed to a stare, gaze at enticing females, dark
locks growing blossoms; midriffs bare with inviting
arms; thrusting hips and smiling lips; an array
of feminine charms.

The hula allure does not endure; there is rich
recompense in other eye-candy: green turtles
and tropical fish in splashes of color handy. Transfixed
and befuddled, I admire a quick society of spinner
dolphin acrobats performing tricks, so unlike other
species which play sports more subtle.

In a second circus ring
humpback whales contest in wooing ballets.
Romantic brutes of a pod of plenty fling bodies
around in tons, not pounds; pirouetting in
a frenzied pugnacious manner, fins punishing
the ocean surface into foam with their hammers.

The colossal boys of Hawaiian
winter launch a second act of jousting, taking leave
to dive. They turn V-for-victory tails as wide
as a sail to heave from the sea with flair, to spew
fountains and crystal shards at the sun and refill
pulsing lungs with air.

The romeos of the deep breach and sound
until they have reached and found feminine prey.
With the catch and the match, a murky curtain shields
the finale of their routine of ballet. The pair of hoary
lovers head down, boudoir-bound with scant delay,
to procreate car-size infants and populate their vast